The American Muslim Advisory Council serves as a bridge between the Tennessee Muslim community and federal, state, and local law enforcement as well as other government and private agencies. Our mission at AMAC is to foster mutual trust and protect all Tennesseans against prejudice, terrorism and other criminal acts through education, communication and empowerment.

American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC)

those who have American ancestors dating back hundreds of years. Because of refugee resettlement programs, Nashville has the largest Kurdish community and one of the largest Somali community in the US.

Understanding the Tennessee Muslim community can help facilitate the work of law enforcement as well as help government and private agencies better serve their constituents.

With its job opportunities, great weather, and Southern hospitality, Tennessee has become a choice destination for Muslims across the country and around the world. Of the estimated 7 million Muslims in the US, 63,000 of them call Tennessee their home. They work as doctors, engineers, business owners, and factory workers as well as other professions, adding to the state's economy.

Tennessee Muslims are ethnically diverse and include recent immigrants as well as

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Tennessee Muslim Community

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In Response to Paris Attack, ING and its Affiliates, including AMAC,

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AMAC, American Center for Outreach, and Faith Leaders Mourn the death of 3 Muslim Students in Chapel Hill. Click here for statement.

AMAC Resource for reporting threats or hate crimes and keeping safe. Click here.

American Muslim Advisory Council

American Muslim Advisory Council

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Enhancing security for all Tennesseans

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