Tennessee Muslim Community

Shooting in Chattanooga: We are deeply saddened and horrified

at the senseless loss of life at the Chattanooga recruiting center.

Our thoughts and prayers are for the families of the four murdered

US Marines. Click here for full statement.

Attack in Paris: Tennesse Muslims Continue to Stand Against Terrorism.

Click here for full statement.

Statement on San Bernardino Shooting. The Muslim community calls for patience

and unity across all faith and political lines in response to the horrific mass murder that

took place in San Bernardino, California. Click here for full statement.

With its job opportunities, great weather, and Southern hospitality, Tennessee has become a choice destination for Muslims across the country and around the world. Of the estimated 7 million Muslims in the US, 63,000 of them call Tennessee their home. They work as doctors, engineers, business owners, and factory workers as well as other professions, adding to the state's economy.

Tennessee Muslims are ethnically diverse and include recent immigrants as well as those who have American ancestors dating back hundreds of years. Because of refugee resettlement programs, Nashville has the largest Kurdish community and one of the largest Somali community in the US.

Understanding the Tennessee Muslim community can help facilitate the work of law enforcement as well as help government and private agencies better serve their constituents.

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American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC)

The American Muslim Advisory Council is a 501c3 tax exempt organization. Our mission is to foster mutual trust and respect among all people through civic engagement, community building and media relations in order to protect all Tennesseans from prejudice and targeted violence.

American Muslim Advisory Council

American Muslim Advisory Council

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Enhancing security for all Tennesseans

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